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21. Let It Go

Spanking Story


A disobedient girl tells her boyfriend she was caned at work and gets more

«Beginning Part 22»

After visiting Miss Abbott with Wendy, Hannah was late home.

She'd messaged Tom to say she'd be late, now she had to tell him why. She couldn't hide her caned bottom. The last two strokes had punished her all the way home.

While she was being caned, the formality had kept her mind off pleasure. But on the drive home, her pride had soared. She'd taken due correction for her misbehavior. She'd been honest with Wendy. Her courage and decency to bend in front of her co-worker drove heat and pride into her sex as she navigated her way home. She couldn't stop thinking about the humiliation of being striped down to her panties under Wendy's gaze and submitting to a harsh caning. It had been punishing and thrilling.

Hot and sore when she pulled into her driveway around 8pm, she still had to explain to Tom.

"I need sex," she said, as Tom met her at the door.

"My kind of girl," he grinned.

"I may not be," she said, dumping her computer bag and tote. She kicked off her black two-inch heels and hung her matching suit jacket on the stair post.

A curious look covered his face as he watched her.

"I'll explain in bed," she said, going straight through to their bedroom on the main level.

He followed her tight black pencil skirt and gorgeous bottom to the bedroom.

Unbuttoning her white long-sleeve blouse, she looked him straight in the eye, across their bed. "I've received a caning at work for serious disobedience. I'm fine. It hurt, and I deserved it," she said, dropping her blouse on the floor and her white bra behind it.

"You're okay?" he checked, his jeans already on the floor and his dark-green tee on its way over his head.

"Yes, I'm fine. It was fair and necessary, but I need your hand in my panties while I tell you about it."

She unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it and lay on the bed in her cute black briefs, printed with bright flowers. She'd enjoyed the prettiness beneath her suit. Now they would always carry the memory of her professional punishment.

He lay beside her in tight white trunks, his manhood pleased she was home. "Roll over, let me see your caning."

She obeyed, lifting her hips and lowering her panties, offering her striped bottom for inspection. He admired the four neat ridges across her cheeks and the two welts low down.

"Who caned you?"

"A professional disciplinarian, Miss Abbott. I found her, booked an appointment and went with Wendy to be caned."

"Wow," he interrupted.

"May I roll over, please?" she asked.

"Yes and pull up your panties."

As she settled on her back, he cupped her sex through her panties and said, "You'd better tell me everything."

His finger teased her as she explained her argument with Wendy and the vicious things they'd both said.

"It sounds like she deserved a good slap. But you should not have given it. There's no excuse for it."

Being scolded by him thrust warmth into her heart and wrapped her in comfort. He was right. She knew it, but hearing it from him was everything.

"I risked my job and my future. It's why I took such drastic action. Do you agree I deserved my caning?"

"Yes. I'd have caned you if not. I'm glad you've had a professional punishment. I hope it hurts."

"It does," she said. "I had to sort things with Wendy. It was the right thing to do and the only way I could ensure I kept my job."

His hand eased under the elastic of her pretty panties. His firm finger landed on her wet clit and circled her.

Her head went back, and she panted. His touch on her desperate clit stole her senses. Her entire body responded to the control of his finger.

"I've never felt so humble as I bent over in my panties. I bend in front of you when I'm wrong, but you're punishing me," she panted as pressure built in her sex.

"It's not the same, is it?" he ventured.

"No," she cried, as he held her against the edge of ecstasy. "To have another girl witness my humble obedience was powerful punishment. It was fair and embarrassing at the same time."

She pushed herself against his finger as he rubbed her sensitive clit.

"I had to be caned at work," she gasped.

"Did it hurt more than when I cane you?"

"I've had worse from you. But the formality was shocking and a deep punishment."

"You deserved it," he said, his voice firm as he made her right nipple agree. It burst into glistening agreement and pulsed his control through her body as he skimmed her left nipple.

"I got six strokes of the cane on my panties in front of a co-worker. I had to take an official caning for slapping another girl," she exhaled, her breathing staggered.

His finger held her on the desperate edge of utter joy. "I got caned," she cried, and came hard. The furious rush of built-up pressure collapsed her thighs around his hand as she twisted and flourished in bliss on the bed.

He moved his hand into his trunks and rubbed his manhood hard, turned on by her submission and orgasmic dance under his hand.

She watched him. His pleasure never failed to excite her. She did this to him.

"What was it like watching Wendy get it?"

"We've read about it. But it was intense and personal. She accepted her guilt when she saw the punishment I was suggesting for myself. She chose the gym shoe. It was fair. She didn't deserve to escape punishment."

Watching him touch himself, she whispered, "Her panties were black-and-white striped string bikinis. She looked cute and obedient, bent over with her suit pants down around her ankles. She took it well and held herself still, but the gym shoe burned her bottom."

"Did you like watching?"

"Yes. The redness spread from her panties. It looked good and sore. I wanted it to be me," she admitted.

Teasing her clit again, she enjoying the memory of Wendy's punishment.

His hand stretched his trunks as his rock-hard manhood showed pleasure in her story.

"Did she cry out?"

"No. She was responsible and accepted her punishment. She impressed me. Quick to take responsibility when she knew I was going to be caned, she bent and took it like a good girl. I'm sorry I hurt her. You should smack me with the gym shoe sometime."

Close to coming, he panted, "We read about Kate getting it, remember?"

"I remember, she also got the switch."

The Alice North book 'Pure Intent' had been ridiculously popular. Three couples had come together over their need for a spanking. It had been a shock to all of them. Kate, the lead character, often got the gym shoe and the switch for disobedience. It gave him an idea.

"I want you," he panted.

She shoved off her panties and spread her thighs, offering herself to him. He thrust his trunks to his ankles and lost them as his rock hard manhood entered her. On the edge of his own pleasure, his manhood plunged deep inside her. She gripped him tight, drawing powerful pleasure from his every stroke.

Holding himself over her, he panted hard in her ear, "Do you think I should let it go?"

She looked up into his firm eyes. "No," she cried, her voice as desperate as her sex.

"Good. Because your behavior reflects on us both. If you'd lost your job, you would have got a severe thrashing."

"You should still beat me," she exclaimed.

"Oh, I will. Be sure of it. I won't let this go. You've had formal discipline at work. I'm going to punish you at home for it."

His hard promise to deal with her guilt drove her to her peak.

"By Sunday, your cane marks will have faded. I'm going to whip you. The book about Kate has given me an idea. You caused Wendy public embarrassment. You deserve the same,"

He thrust his hardness into her depths, forcing her to accept his complete control. She held herself on the edge of ecstasy, unable to grant herself release and forced to obey.

Her joy and pain combined as his hardness held her pleasure. His promise of a whipping spun through her mind. She'd take whatever he decided. It was her duty. Punishment couldn't be easy. His manhood confirmed her whipping wouldn't be.

"I'm going to send you across the golf course to the trees to break off a couple of fresh switches, strip them and carry them back," he gasped.

The vision shocked her. It would be a severe embarrassment in front of their neighbors. Her sex gripped his hardness, desperate to stay on its precipice. His hard tone was forcing her sex towards climax.

"You'll dress in a short skirt and top with nowhere to hide what you're holding," he panted. "Carrying your switches in public will be a shameful reminder of what you did to Wendy."

"God, you're hard on me," she moaned as her sex gripped his manhood in strict obedience. "It will be humiliating. I deserve it."

"Wendy didn't get a choice, you don't have one," he said, his tone serious.

"I'll obey," she cried out.

Her fragile hold on herself burst. She came with a loud groan as orgasms detonated deep inside her and rushed down her body, each celebrating her strict obedience.

He thrust hard into her, giving everything he had, and came in a furious release as he held her swaying body underneath him.

Calming down beside each other, he said, "I'll whip you hard. On your thighs as well. I'm serious."

"I know. Be severe with me. I promise to obey. If I'm seen, I'll have to live with the shame and embarrassment."

"You could have lost your job. I can't let it go."