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2. Good to Bend

Spanking Story


A disobedient girlfriend bends over her boyfriends knee for the first time

«Beginning Part 3»

Sweeping through the front door, Alice said, "Ten minutes in the lounge."

Harry smiled and went to wait on the couch. His bright, confident girl was back.

Alice ran upstairs, placed her laptop bag in the spare room and went to change. Stepping from her pinstriped skirt suit, she shed her work clothes.

In the shower, she soaped herself, letting the water wash over her as she thought over the apology she was about to make. Worried afresh about Harry's reaction, she reminded herself it was a negotiation. She had a fair request. All she had to do was stick to the plan in her notes and ask.

Turning the shower off, she grabbed her thick towel and dried her curves. Studying her bare bottom in the mirror, she pictured it red and sore. If she did it right, he'd understand. He must. This was what they needed. He must not forgive her without a strict punishment.

She chose fresh white cotton bikini panties from her drawer and slipped them on. Adding a plain white bra and her black yoga leggings, she studied her drawer of tops. Lifting a black tee against her, she replaced it with a white one, pulled it on, checked the result in the mirror and smiled. A clean, crisp, apologetic girl smiled back.

Grabbing her phone and opening her note, she headed downstairs.

Entering the lounge, she smiled. It was how she began every negotiation. Even on the phone, a smile shone through. It wasn't hard to smile. His jeans stretched tight over his hard thighs, his broad chest under his plain white tee broadcast strength, and his chiseled jawline promised firmness.

Taking up position near the fireplace, she placed her phone on the mantelpiece. She knew every point by heart, but her well-marshaled arguments were to hand if she faltered.

"I'm sorry," she said, allowing the words to hang in the air between them. "I need to say it, but it's inadequate. There are four things for which I must apologize."

He nodded without interrupting.

Lifting her right hand, she raised her index finger. "One, I asked you where the police were located and was too lazy to listen to your answer." Pausing for effect, she said, "I'm sorry."

She added another finger. "Two, I blamed you for my mistake because I was weak. I'm sorry."

Raising a third finger, she said, "Three, I maltreated you for three days without the slightest valid reason."

He nodded, in tune with her rhythm, as she said, "I'm sorry."

Her little finger completed the quartet. "Four, I tried a cute gesture to escape your criticism. I'm beyond sorry."

He smiled and nodded, his eyes revealing respect for her last point.

Glancing at her phone, she said, "The law has punished me for speeding and I've paid the fine. But I've received no punishment for my behavior towards you, which we can't sweep under the carpet with a simple sorry, no matter how much I mean it."

She looked him in the eye. "I want to show you I regret my behavior and let us both move on. I need you to punish me. Like the fine, it must hurt."

Looking out the window for the hardest bit, she took a breath and said, "I want you to bend me over your knee and spank me hard - a formal punishment for each of my four offenses."

She turned back and checked his face. Detecting only respect, she said, "It's proportionate and I deserve it. Will you do that for me?"

"Can I ask some questions?"

Her heart leaped. In any negotiation, engagement was a success.

"Please," she said.

"Will it help you get past this?"

"It will help both of us. I need to accept my punishment with respect and you need to see I mean it."

"I'll have to spank you hard. Can you cope?"

She smiled. "Do you remember back at summer camp, when you hauled me into your office for a dressing down over the quad bike incident?"

"Yes. Your supervisor stood up for you big time, so I let you off."

"Do you want to know why?"

"Okay," he nodded.

"The night before, she gave me a thorough telling off in front of all the other female staff in our dorm. With everyone watching, she bent me over my bed in my panties and whacked me hard with a gym shoe."

"Wow," he said. "I never knew."

"Nor should you. She punished me and I respected her for not taking any crap. With a sore backside, I apologized to everyone for my attitude. That's why she supported me."

"Were you still sore when you stood in front of me?"

"Yes. And I want to be again. Please be hard on me."

"I will," he said, standing. "You deserve it."

"I do," she said, looking up into his eyes, flushed with pride. She'd already gained his respect. All she had to do now was take her punishment with dignity.

"Before I take charge of this situation, how do you imagine it playing out?"

She smiled, glad he'd asked and glad she had it all figured out. "We'll bring a kitchen chair in here, close the curtains, and I'll bend over your knee to be spanked. Do it hard. It has to be tough, or it isn't punishment."

"O-kay." His voice hardened over the two syllables. He looked her in the eye. "Close the curtains and wait here."

His commanding voice ringing in her ears, she pulled the blue curtains closed and returned to stand by the fireplace. On the mantlepiece, her phone had gone dark, her note redundant.

He returned with a kitchen chair, placed it in the center of the cream carpet and sat on it.

"Stand here," he commanded, pointing to a spot just in front of him.

She obeyed and stood where he'd pointed, her hands clasped in front.

"Your behavior over three days has been appalling. I can't let it go, and I'm glad you're not willing to either. You need spanking."

She shivered. Reality beat anything she'd imagined in the planning.

"You're going to apologize for each offense. After each apology we'll deal with it over my knee."

Being made to obey thrust a deep rod of respect down her spine. She could apologize, her notes had burned into her brain. She looked him in the eye and began.

"One, I didn't listen to you. You told me where the police would be. I asked you. It was ignorant, rude and disrespectful to ignore your reply. I'm sorry."

"Stand beside me," he commanded.

She obeyed and took up a position to his right.

"Drop your leggings."

Pushing her leggings to her ankles, she stood in shame in her white cotton panties.

"Bend over," he commanded.

Rich humility engulfed her as she placed her hands on the far edge of the chair and lowered herself over his knee. With her hands on the floor, her toes touching the carpet and her bottom presented to him, it was a humbling and punishing position.

His warm hand rested on her right cheek as she prepared to be spanked. It was right. She deserved it.

Sharp sting erupted across her right cheek as a loud crack reverberated around the lounge. It hurt more than she'd expected and was louder too. Her left cheek burst into flames as he spanked it just as hard.

"When you ask a question, wait and listen to the answer, or don't ask it at all," he scolded her.

Spanks stung fresh skin on each cheek, punctuating his point and spreading the hurt as his scolding resonated.

"You were ignorant and disrespectful. You deserve to hurt."

She did. He was right. Her bottom exploded as he laid on spanks without letting up. She'd shown outrageous contempt for him and breathed through the pain as he burned a fire into her behind.

Her bottom was still processing the pain as he said, "Stand up."

Placing one hand on the edge of the seat, she got up. Standing beside him in her panties, her bum ached and her respect for him soared. He'd spanked her for real. It had been a hard spanking and driven true shame into her.

"How was it?" he asked.

She ran her hands over her panties. "It hurts more than I expected. But I'm not complaining. I deserve it."

He was glad to hear her subtle confirmation he should continue.

"Next point," he said.

She let her neat note come to mind. "Two, I blamed you for my mistake. It was blatant nonsense, created, so I didn't have to admit I'd made myself look stupid. I'm sorry."

"Bend over," he commanded.

She used the edge of the seat to bend and let the humility wash over her again. Being made to put herself in this obedient position was as humiliating as it had been a moment ago.

"Blaming me for your mistake when all I'd done was help you is perverse."

Fire erupted across her bottom. Sting suffused her cheeks and spread the pain. It tested her resolve. She pressed her hands and toes into the carpet and held still, accepting her spanking with dignity.

Blaming him had been shameless and disgusting. She deserved to feel his anger through her bottom. She welcomed the hurt as he peppered her bare lower cheeks with hard painful spanks, lighting fresh fury where he'd not yet punished her.

As the storm in her behind settled into a deeper pain, he said, "Stand."

Grateful for the bitter ache in her backside, she rose beside him, and said, "Thank you."

He nodded, noting the sincerity in her voice. Her punishment was having the right effect.

"Three," she said. "I maltreated you for three days. I won't offer an excuse, there is none."

"No," he agreed. "Bend over."

She lowered her body onto his hard thighs, proud to accept her humble position and offer her sore bottom for more punishment.

Expecting the pain on her right cheek, the cascade of hard smacks to her left tested her obedience. She held still as he laid the hurt on hard, praying he'd swap cheeks. Her wish granted, hard penetrating spanks pushed pain into her right cheek.

"Your behavior was reprehensible. I'm going to make these last two hurt."

Despite her pain, it was her duty to bear whatever he decided. For days she'd treated him like crap. A furious blow stung low on her right cheek and another leveled the pain.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"I know," he said, stroking her back. "Stand."

She did. Proud of her pain, she kept her hands by her sides and let it hurt. Tears threatened to derail her courage. Calming her breathing, she forced them back. She wouldn't cry. She deserved this.

"You're taking your punishment very well," he said.

The compliment boosted her pride. She smiled. "Four, I thought I could get away with it all by being cute. It was disrespectful, immature and pathetic. I'm sorry."

"Bend over," he commanded.

She took up the position across his knee. An expert at the maneuver, it was no less humbling. His hard hand penetrated pain through her white cotton panties, teaching the lesson in maturity she deserved as the sound of her spanking resonated around their lounge room.

Pausing, he rubbed her bottom, spreading warmth with the pain. "What you've done tonight is adorable. You've taken serious responsibility. Let's make these last four spanks count."

Her bottom burned and her pride soared as she welcomed the final stinging assault on her bare curves. As the noise and sting died away, pride flowed through her, wrapping her pain in hot pleasure and thrusting it into her sex.

"It's over," he said. "You can get up."

She rose with grace and met his eye. "Thank you for spanking me."

"You're forgiven. It's behind us. I love you."

"I love you too," she said, kicking off her leggings, desperate for the touch of his hands and the closeness of his hard body.

He stood and wrapped her in his arms. She reached up on tiptoes to kiss him. The burn of his lips met the heat from her behind. Combustible desire overtook her. She grabbed him and pulled him down onto the carpet.

Pinned to the floor, she consumed his kiss. Reaching between them, she undid his belt. Breaking away from their kiss, he took over and stripped naked as she shoved off her panties, ripped her tee over her head and flung her bra at the fireplace.

His hard body lifted over her and his manhood filled her sex as powerful thrusts drove pleasure deep inside her, grazing her bare bottom against the carpet.

"Don't stop," she screamed as he held her against the precipice of her pleasure, denying her ultimate release. Again, he lifted her up the wall of pleasure and pain, holding her still as she neared eventual bliss.

"You spanked me," she panted, "hard."

"You deserved it," he growled.

"I did," she cried. Pride met the heat from her bottom and rammed headlong into her sex. She squeezed his hardness as he drove deep inside her. Glory burst over her. A fusillade of orgasms fired through her body. She twisted her hips to trap her bliss as wave after wave of ecstasy overtook her.

Collapsing beside her, still panting, he said, "In a moment, I want you again."

She grinned.

"I've spanked you and you're grinning from ear to ear."

"Now you've punished me, I can enjoy my cute car again."

"Was it worth the pain?"

"Hell, yes."

"Do you want to be punished again, when you deserve it?"

"Yes," she said, nodding against his chest as she snuggled into his arms. "It's good to bend."