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How to Get Spanked in 10 Steps

How to Get Spanked in 10 Steps - the exclusive guide.

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At the Top Prequel

Discover how it all began for .

Four professional young women in promising careers recognize they need severe accountability. So does strict disciplinarian Miss Roberts.

Whipped, caned, paddled, and strapped, classic discipline marks out these modest young women, lifting their careers above their colleagues. Seeking strict structure, they discover harsh, formal correction. Sting bursts across bottoms, correcting their misguided decisions. Stripped of their privacy, they bend before Miss Roberts, unaware of their shared need.

Crying out for their correction, sharp pain rectifies their lapses, their throbbing bottoms securing lasting transformation.

You can read this prequel before or after At the Top, book one.

Available for Kindle, Kobo, Nook and pdf